Paintings by Denise Iacovone








A few words  about the paintings…

    My husband Rocco is a jazz musician. Every time he plays, I "paint" my impression of the music being performed. I’m the "visual accompanist" for his Alaska-based duo, Rare Form and his NY based group The Rocco John Group. I interpret the music and the atmosphere of the evening as they play.  Just as the musicians are playing musical improvisations, I paint visual improvisations.  I start each painting with a clear mind trying not to have any preconceived image, but rather go with images that are suggested by the music.   
     Of course, whatever I do in my day and what I meditate on always comes into play. All of my paintings are spiritual in nature, some more obviously than others. My latest series deals with a powerful combination of sacred Aramaic symbols as expressed by the music Two of those paintings are shown here. I am also a team-painter for the inter-disciplinary arts group The Coalition Of Creative Artists (COCA).